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  • Michael Gaitan

    Hello, and far most,  THANK YOU for the 2B Class Explorers Results of your 10 Week Challenge.

    Because this initial contest began PRIOR TO the CoViD'19 pandemic, the virtual / distance learning for my particular 2nd Grade Class was quite a journey, and the CLASS week 10 Challenge resulted in a 100% Participation, allowing these HARD WORKING second graders to SYNERGIZE with PARENTAL SUPPORT as well.   Week 10 also placed these Distance Learning Students as 48th out of the over 32,000 Virtual participating classes in our state of TEXAS.  We are extremely proud of them.  

    My request, and now soon approaching AWARDS, also virtual INDIVIDUAL CERTIFICATE PRESENTATION leads me to ask for your assistance in that, as a commemorative Certificate sent to us / me the teacher, to PRINT for each student, has me needing you HELP to FIX and maybe even HIGHLIGHT their OVER ALL CLASS RANK, especially during this pandemic.  THERE IS AN ERROR in the WORDING of the CERTIFICATE each student will get, simply because the current certificate reads:

    Thank you being a team player:  and it should read:  Thank you for being a team player....  CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE THIS EDIT and POSSIBLY INCLUDE their OVERALL 10 week CLASS RESULTS?  

    PLEASE let me know as soon as you most possibly can in that we are closing the academic school year and this is ONE very SPECIAL AWARD for our CLASS 2B EXPLORERS. Parents, our SCHOOL at H.I.Holland at Lisbon Elementary and our SCHOOL DISTRICT with DALLAS INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS in Dallas, TX.    HOW CAN YOU HELP US SOON, PLEASE???

  • SplashLearn

    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for highlighting the discrepancy, and we are glad that during this unprecedented time, we've been able to make learning- fun and engaging for the kids.
    We have started working on the feedback and will keep you posted with the updates.

    Happy SplashLearning


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